Jet Black

Jet Black

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The KNGD wallet is made of aluminium and titanium alloy and is used for holding cards. All cards are protected against any bending, distortion or breakage. Also, the KNGD wallet is protected against unwanted "RFID" readers and this prevents the information from your cards from being copied.

  • The KNGD wallet is capable of blocking readers from scanning tour identity, credit cards, debit cards, baking information, driver licenses and other RFID cards
  • The case capable of holding from 4 up to 6 cards. The card protector can hold six cards if one has debossed (thickened) letters, five cards if three cards have debossed letters or four cards if all cards have debossed letters.
  • Put the most used cards at the back of the SafeCard for optimal use. Gradually slide the cards out with the black handle in one movement in the direction of the arrow.
  • The cards will then be immediately available for use and you choose the one which is necessary.
  • Slide the cards back into the holder after use. Clean with a soft damp cloth and allow to dry before use.

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Minimalist design. 4 - 6 cards, that's all you need for a modern and stylish personality


It is very simple to use and flips up the cards so that they are easily available to use. My husband is difficult to please and he has been absolutely delighted with this KNGD card protector. It always works perfectly, is a quality item and protects his cards from being fraudulently scanned.

—  Marney T.